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               A Historic Urban Forest

Miller Woods is a nature preserve in Plymouth, MI.  It is an example of a “late successional” forest, one that includes certain species of trees that are tolerant of shady conditions, such that they succeed to a position of dominance in the forest. Based on the physical site conditions (climate, soil, and drainage), specific combinations of trees will prevail until a disturbance occurs, such as might occur by wind, fire, insects or humans. Miller Woods is a American Beech--Sugar Maple forest, and this type of urban forest ecosystem is rare in southeastern Michigan.
Miller Woods is a multi-seasonal delight.  During spring, native wildflowers bloom, while in the summer, the cool shade provides a welcome respite from the heat.  In autumn, the native MI trees remind us each year how lucky we are to live where these beauties put on such a colorful display.  Winter brings quiet walks through the snow, perhaps catching a glimpse of one of the many birds and animals that reside in Miller Woods.  You will experience a sense of awe as you enjoy the beauty of this special place.
Miller Woods is open to the public.  Entrance and parking is along Powell Road, east of Ridge Road.  The trail is an unpaved loop, 1/3 mile long, with benches along the path to rest and reflect.
Due to large tree roots on the path, bikes and strollers are not permitted.  Dogs are also not permitted per Plymouth Township ordinance with a $500 fine.